"HEAT WAVE" 12-INCH (2012)
a white-label 45 featuring remixes by
Greg Saunier (of Deerhoof), Pink Skull, and Triobelisk (Shelby of Frodus and The Cassettes)
w/ a digital-download featuring remixes by
John Moon of Cornel West Theory, Gold Corner (ex-Antelope),
Davis White, Lenorable, and Third Channel (ex-Aquarium)

Love Gets Lovelier Every Day (2011)
7-inch single/Full-length download
Dischord Records

1. Silver Bullets
2. See Saw
3. Natural Born Killers
4. Mind Trip
5. Everybody Wants Some (Van Halen Mix)
6. Shine a Light
7. Who's That Knocking at My Door (Post-Czech Mix)
8. He Composed Lines That Frighten Stanzas
9. Livin' in the 21st Centry
10. Ava Devine
11. Love Gets Lovelier Every Day (Medley)


Songs for Isadora (2011)
Edie Sedgwick and AK
10-song children's cassette
Sockets Records
or buy it from Bandcamp

Side A - Para Jugar
1. Boom Boom Baby
2. Wiggle & Jiggle
3. Who's That Baby in the Mirror?
4. You Gotta Crawl
5. Baby Talk
6. The Ocean
Side B - Para Dormir
1. Hello
2. Sigh
3. Yes
4. Sleep Tight Little Angel




Who's That Knocking at My Door? (2010)
Split 7"w/ Czech superstars Aran Epochal
Silver Rocket Records
or buy it from Dischord





Things are Getting Sinister and Sinisterer (2008)
Full Length LP/MP3
Dischord Records

1. Sissy Spacek
2. Mary-Kate Olsen
3. Angelina Jolie
4. Anthony Perkins
5. March of the Penguins
6. Bambi/G.W. Bush
7. ODB
8. Red Dawn
9. Rob Lowe
10. Edie Sedgwick II



Her Love is Real...But She is Not (2005)
Full Length CD
Desoto Records

1. Martin Sheen
2. Christian Slater
3. Sigourney Weaver
4. Robert Downey, Jr.
5. Lucy Liu
6. Molly Ringwald
7. Michael J. Fox
8. Arnold Schwarzenegger II
9. Tim Robbins
10. Harrison Ford
11. Tom Hanks II
12. Sally Field
13. Arnold Schwarzenegger I
14. Haley Joel Osment




First Reflections (2001)
Full Length CD
Mud Memory Records

1. Faye Dunaway
2. Sean Connery
3. Winona Ryder
4. Jennifer Love Hewitt
5. Sean Young
6. MacCauley Culkin
7. Gwyneth Paltrow
8. Hilary Swank
9. Tom Cruise
10. Christina Ricci
11. Meryl Streep
12. Jane Fonda
13. Edie Sedgwick